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A Note From the Author: 

Welcome to my website! This is a place for you to not only access my books, but is an online resource for Domestic Violence information, statistics, and more.

As a child I was surrounded by alcohol, violence and abuse.  At the age of three I watched my mother slice open my uncle’s head with a knife.  After being put into foster care I was molested at four years old by my foster father.

I began to associate this behavior with love since these were the people who were supposed to love me.

I eventually was reunited with my biological father who later remarried.  After much conflict with my stepmother I was forced to live on the streets at the age of fourteen. Here I was homeless, living on the streets, addicted to alcohol and drugs and later trapped in an abusive relationship.  Feeling or believing, this is what I deserved.

There are many things that gave me the strength not to commit suicide and give up on my life but to move forward and create a positive, healthy and successful future for myself and later for my son. 

Throughout my life I have met and spoken to thousands of women who have or are experiencing sadness or depression for some reason or another. 



Many women keep most of their inner feelings to themselves and they suffer in silence.  It is time to Break the Silence.  

You will find here the tools, love, support and guidance to take your life back.

If you are in danger please call 911, your local hotline or the U.S. National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 or Canada Hotline: 1-800-363-9010.

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